сряда, май 07, 2014

OST of the Life: Spring sadness

A woman loves you.
The woman loves you with her whole heart.
She follows you around like a shadow every day.
She smiles but she is actually crying.

How much longer do I just have to look at you, alone.
This love that came like wind,
This love that is like a beggar,
If I continue this, will you love me?

Just come a little closer
just a little bit.
Please don’t step back
I, the one who loves you,
I am still next to you.
That woman is crying.

That woman is very shy
But she learn how to smile
Her heart is so full with tears,
She can't even share her story with
her best friend

That's why, that woman
loved you
Cause you were so like her
another fool,
yes another fool
Please give me a hug before you leave me

I want to be loved, dear.
That's all I wanted
She shouts, just in her heart
just in her heart.
No one can hear her
but that woman is still next you

Do you know that
I am that woman?

You don't do you?

Because you are just a fool.

How much
How much longer
Do I have to love you like this

This love that is like a fool
This love that is like a beggar

Would you love me?

That woman, who loves you
is still next you and she is still crying.